Chapter 69 Library Book List

000 Seth Thomas Clocks Catalog 1904-1905 Seth Thomas Co. Catalog/Clocks
001 American Watch & Patent Information Guide International Hobbies Identification/Watch
002 Waterbury Clock Co. Catalog 1867 Waterbury Clock Co. Catalog/Waterbury Clocks
003 Black Forest Music Clocks Kochmann,Karl History/Black Forest
004 Gustav Becker Story Kochmann,Karl History/Clock
005 Waltham Clock Co.Catalog 1899 Waltham Clock Co. Catalog/American Clocks
006 Vienna Regulator.The van Weijdom Claterbos,F.H. Bulletin Article
007 Guide to Watch Holders,A Niehaus,James J. General Information/Watch Holders
008 Bernard Edwards Dial Co.Catalog 1981 Edwards,Bernard Catalog/Dials
009 Howard Watch & Clock Co. Catalog 1874 E.Howard Co. Catalog/E.Howard
010 Everything You Wanted to Know About American Watch Townsend,George E. General/American Watches
011 Restoration of Old American Clocks Darnall,J.V. Repair/ American Clocks
012 Lux Clocks (Clocks With Personality)Catalog Des jardins,Rene Catalog/American Clock
013 E.Howard Clock Co.Catalog E.Howard Co. Catalog/American Clocks
014 Old Advertising Clocks Edwards,Bernard Identification/Advertising Clocks
015 Terry Clock Company Catalog Terry Clock Co. Catalog/Terry Clocks
016 Eli Terry Pillar & Scroll Shelf Clocks Barr,Lockwood Identification/Eli Terry
017 Seth Thomas Clocks Catalog 1884-5 Seth Thomas Co. Catalog/American Clocks
018 Dueber-Hampden Story,The Gibbs,James W. History/American Watch
019 American Clock Companys Catalog 1878 American Clock Co. Catalog/Various American Manufacturers
020 Seth Thomas Clock Company Catalog 1879 Seth Thomas Clock Co. Catalog/Seth Thomas
021 Chelsea Clocks Catalog 1911 Chelsea Clock Co. Catalog/Chelsea Clocks
022 American Railroad Watches Townsend,George Identification/Watch Movements
023 E.Howard Watch & Clock Co.Catalog1888 E.Howard Co. Catalog/E.Howard Hall Striking Clocks
024 Ansonia Cock Co.Crystal Regulators Catalog 1905 Anosonia Clock Co. Catalog/Ansonia
025 Silent Auction Catalog Terwilliger,Charles Catalog 1986 Prices
026 Early American Clocks Stennes,Elmer O. General
027 Waterbury Clock Co. Catalog, 1881 Waterbury Colck Co. Catalog/Waterbury Clocks
028 Russell & Jones Clock Co.(Successor To Terry Co.) Bailey,Chris Catalog/Terry Clocks
029 Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co.Ltd.Catalog Chap.23 NAWCC Catalog/watch & Clock
030 NAWCC 1976 Exhibit Catalog L.A. Chapter Catalog/NAWCC Exhibit
031 Le Coutre repair Notes Le Coutre Co. Repair/Atmos Clock
032 Romance of Time,The Palmer,Brooks General
033 Important Watches & Wristwatches Auction Catalog Habsburg, Feldman catalog/Watch Auction
034 Trumbull County Colck Insdustry, 1812-1835 Rogers,Rebecca M. Histroy/Ohio
035 van Cauwenbergh Collection Auction Catalog Habsburg, Feldman Catalog/Auction
036 Early American Clocks Volume I Warman,E.G. Publishing Co. General/American Clocks
037 Early American Clocks Volume II Warman,E.G.Publishing Co. General/American Clocks
038 Early American Clocks Volume III warman,E.G. Publishing Co. General/Amerialn Clocks
039 St.Louis Clock & Silverware Co. Catalog 1904 St.Louis Clock Co. Catalog/Clock
040 Chelsea Catalog 1931 Chelsea Co. Catalog/Chelsea
041 Timex Watch Collection 1983 Timex Co Catalog/Watch
042 New Haven Clock Company 1900 Catalog New Haven Co. Catalog/New Haven
043 Survey of American Calendar Clocks Miller,Andrew & dalia Maria Identification/American Calendar Clocks
044 Florence Kroeber Story,the Slobin,Herman History/Clock
045 Derek Roberts Antiques Auction Catalog 1986 Roberts,Derek Catalog/Auction
046 Waltham Gift Book Catalog 1918 Waltham Co. Catalog/American Watch
047 Company Addresses & Phone Numbers Mylymuk,Mike Informational
048 Joseph Ives Clocks Portland Regional History/American Clocks
050 Hamburg American & Junghans Clocks Krauss,Hans A. Identification/German Clocks
100 Practical Clock Repairing de Carle,Donald Repair,Clock
101 European Clocks Tyler,E.J. General
102 Old Clocks Lloyd,H.Alan General
105 Clock& Watch Escapments Gazeley,W.J. Repair, Escapments
106 Science of Clock & Watches,the Rawlings,A.L. General
107 Using the Small Lathe Mason,L.C. Repair,Machinery
108 Watch Escapement Fried,Henry Repair,Watch
109 Watch Repairing As A Hobby Flecther,D.W. Repair,Watch
110 Abbott's American Watchmaker & Jeweler Encyclopedi Milliken,O.M. Encyclopedia
111 Clocks & Watches Smith,Alan General
112 Watches (Official Price Guide) Shugart,Cooksey/Engle,tom Identification/Price Guide
113 Clocks & Culture 1300-1700 Cipolla,Carlo M. General
115 American Pocket Watch Guide Shugart,Cooksey/Engle,Tom Identification & Price Guide
116 Horological Museum Vienna Walther,Susanne General/European
117 American Clocks & Clockmakers Drepperd,Carl W. History/American Clocks
118 Clock & Watch Advertising Edwards,Bernard Grading Guide
119 White Dial Clock,The Loomes,Brian General/Clocks
120A Simon Willard & His Clocks Willard,John Ware History/American Clock
120B Simon Willard & His Clocks Willard,John Ware History/American Clock
123 Swatch Watches Guide unknown Catalog & Price Guide
124 Swatch Watches Guide unknown Catalog & Price Guide
1319b Gilbert,Wm.L Clock Co./Catalog of 1910 Wm.L.Gilbert Co. Catalog/Gilbert Clocks 1910
183 Quest of Clocks,The Ullyett,Kenneth General/Clock
185 Revolution In Time Landes,David S. History/World & Time
186 Clocks & Watches British Museum History/Time
187 Catalogue of Tools for Watch & Clock Makers Wyke, John Tools/Catalog
200 Country Life Book of Watches,The Cuss,T.P.Camerer General,Watches
201 Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide,The Terwilliger,Charles Repair, 400 Day Clock
202 Antique American Clocks & Watches Thomson,Richard General
204 How to Gold Leaf Antiques & Other Art Objects Chambers,Donald L. Repair/Gold Leafing
205 For Generations to Come ( Life of Elias Ingraham) Holly,Forrest M. History / Elias Ingraham
206 Horology Americana Dworetsky,Lester/dickstein,Robert Identification / Clocks
208 Clocks Fleet,Simon General,Clocks
209 Country Life Book of Clocks,The Joy,Edward T. History/Engllish Clocks
211 Craft of the Clockmaker,The Tyler,E.J. Repair / Clocks
212 History of the Barometer,The Middleton,W.E.Knowles History / Barometer
213 Easzinierende Welt Der Alten Armbanduhren Kreuzer,Anton Wristwatches (Vintage) in German
214 Herschede Clocks Catalog Herschede Clock Co. Catalog,Herschede Clocks
215 Clockwork Music (Mechanical Musical Instruments) Ord-Hume,Arthur W.J.G. Musical Instruments
216 Six Quaker Clockmakers Chandlee,Edward E. Identification/History
217 Weight Driven Chamber Clocks of the Middle Ages & Edwardes,Ernest L. History
218 Pennsylvania Clolks & Clockmakers Eckhardt,George.H. History
219 Collectable Clocks 1840-1940 (Price Guide ) Shenton,Alan & Rita Identification/Price Guide
220 Important Watches,Wristwatches & Clocks Catalog Habsburg,Feldman Catalog/Auction
221 Schmitt,R.O. Auction Catalog Schmitt,R.O. Auction Catalog
222 Schmitt,R.O. Auction Catalog Schmitt,R.O Auction Catalog
223 Tools,Supplies & Equipment Catalog 195 Swest Inc. Catalog/Tool,Supplies
224 Clocks Shaffer,Douglas H. General/Clocks
225 Treasury of American Clocks,A Palmer,Brooks General/Clocks
226 American Antique Furniture Vol.2 Miller,Edgar G. Jr. General/Antique Furniture,Mirrors,Clocks
227 Complete Clock Book,The Nutting,Wallace/Jacobs,William B. Identification,Euporean&American Clock
300 Technique & History of the Swiss Watch Jaquet,Eugene/Chapuis,Alfred General,Swiss Watch
301 Technique & History of the Swiss Watch Jaquet,Eugene/Chapuis,Alfred General,Swiss Watch
303 American Clock,The 1725-1865 Battison,Edwin/Kane,Patricia Identification/American Clock
304 Book of American Clocks,The Palmer,Brooks General/American Clocks
305 Time Goudsmit,Samuel/Claiborne,Robert General Information
306 Eli Terry & the Connecticut Shelf Clock Roberts,Kenneth D. Histroy/Eli Terry
307 Beauty of Clocks,The Pearson,Michael General
308 Watchmaking in History,Art & Science Musee International d'Horlogerie General
309 Collector's Dictionary of Clocks,The Lloyd,H.Alan Identification/Clocks
310 Simon Willard & His Clocks Willard,John Ware History/Simon Willard
311 Clocks & Watches Willsberger,Johann General/Watches & Clocks
312 La Pendule Francaise Part 1 Tardy In French
313 La Pendule Francaise Part 2 Tardy In French
314 La Pendule Francaise Part 3 Tardy In French
315 NAWCC Master Retrieval Index NAWCC Retrival Index
316 International Dictionary of Clocks,The Smith,Alan(Editor) General/Clock
317 Calander Clocks Tran Duy Lu Identification & Price Guide
318 Watches Clutton,Cecil/Daniels,George General/Watches
320 Watch-The History of the Modern Wristwatch Doensen,Pieter General/Identification Wristwatch
321 Seth Thomas-Clocks & Movements Tran Duy Ly Identification & Price Guide
322 American Clockmakers & Watchmakers Volume III Spittler,Sonya & Thomas/Bailey,Chris History/American Clock & Watch
323 Ingraham Clocks & Watches Tran Duy Lu Identification & Price Guide
324 Gilbert Clocks Supplement Tran Duy Ly Identification & Price Guide
400 Swatch 1983-1990 Swatch Watch Co. Catalog/Swatch Watches
401 Geo.B.Owen & Co. Catalogue 1878 Owen,Geo.B.Co. Identification/Clocks/Geo.B.Owen
402 Timesaver's Catalog Timesaver's Co. Repair/Catalog Parts
403 S.LaRose Catalog LaRose,S. Co. Repair/Catalog Parts
501 Machinery Handbook Oberg,Eric/Jones,Franklin D. Repair
502 Horology De Carle,Donald General
503 Antique Watches & How to Establlish Their Age Abbott,Henry G. Collecting & Identification,Watch
504 Watch Factories of America (1809-1888) Abbott,Henry G. History
505 Clocks in Color Nicholls,Andrew General, Clocks
506 Modern Methods In Horology Hood,Grant General, Watch (Copyright 1904)
507 Watch Collecting Ullyett,Kenneth Collecting,Watch
508 Modern Clock,The Goodrich,Ward L. Repair,Clock
509 Collector's Guide to Antique Clocks Schwartz,Marvin D. Collecting, Clocks
510 Science of Watch Repairing Simplified Thisell,A.Gideon Repair,Watch
511 Staking Tools & How To Use Them K & D Tool Co. Tools
512 New Haven Clock Company Catalog New Haven Clock Co. Catalog
513 European Industralized Clockmaking (Lenzkirch/Wint Kochmann,Karl History,European Clock
514 Black Forest Cuckoo Clock,The Kochmann,Karl Repair,History
515 Story of Clocks,The Maloney,Terry General
516 Clock & Watch Trademark Index (European Origin) Kockmann,Karl Identification
517 Horolovar Collection,The(400 Day Clocks 1880-1912 Horolovar Company Identification,400 Day Clocks
518 French Clocks Edey,Winthrop Identification/French Clocks
602 Watchmaker's Lathe & How to Use It de Carle,Donald Repair,Lathe use
603 French Clocks Edey,Winthrop Identification,French
604 Dictionary of Clocks & Watches Bruton,Eric Definitions
607A Watch Repairer's Manual,The Fried,Henry Repair,Watch
607B Watch Repairer's Manual,The Fried,Henry Repair,Watch
608 Best of J.E.Coleman: Clockmaker, The Hagan,Orville Repair,Clock
609 Alt-Wiener Uhen Hellich,Ericka Catalog,Austrian (in German)
610 Illustrated Guide to House Clocks Bird,Anthony Clocks,General
611 Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World (Vol 1) Baille,G.H. Directory, Makers
614 Antique Furniture Repair Hayward,Charles H. Repair,Furniture
616 Watch & Clock Encyclopedia de Carle,Donald Repair, Definations
617 Clocks Fleet,simon General
618A Novelty & Animated Pendulette Wall Clocks Nicholson,Don & Alice Price Guide/Identification
618B Novelty & Animated Pendulette Wall Clocks Nicholson,Don & Alice Price Guide/Identification
619A Complicated Watches & Their Repair de Carle,Donald Repair,Watch
619B Complicated Watches & Their Repair de Carle,Donald Repair, Watch
620 Swarthchild Swiss Material Catalog & Watchmakers G Swarthchild & Co. Catalog, Swiss Waqtch
621 Vintage American & Eupopean Wrist Watch Price Guid Ehrhardt,Sherry & Roy/Demesy,Joe Price Guide
622 Vintage American & European Wrist Watch Ehrhardt,Sherry/Planes Peter Price Guide for Wrist Watches
623A Lure of the Clock Hering,D.W. General
623B Lure of the Clock Hering,D.W. General
624 Chester County Clocks & Their Makers James,Arthur E. History, Regional
625 Old English Master Clockmakers & Their Clocks (167 Cescinsky,Herbert Identification,Clocks
626 Measures & the Measurement of Time Dupuis,N.F. Technical
627 Waterbury Clock Co. Catalog Waterbury Clock Co. Catalog, Waterbury Clocks
628 Wonderful World of Time,The Wood,Stacy B.C. General
629 Antike Wiener Uhen Duschek,Brigitte/Scheed,Kristian Peter Catalog,Viennese (in German)
630 Antike Wieneer Uhren Duschek,Brigitte/Scheed,Kristian Peter Catalog,Viennese (in German)
632 Book of Old Clocks & Watches Von Bassermann-Jordan,Ernst Identification
633 It's About Time Chamberlain,Paul Repair
634 French Marble Clock,The Thorpe,Nicolas M. General/French Marble Clock
635 Wm L.Gilbert Clock Company Catalog 1910 Gilbert Clock Co. Catalog/Clock
701 History of Clocks & Watches,The Bruton,Eric Horological History
702 Jewelers Supplies Catalog # 125 C.E.Marshall Co. Catalog/Jewelers
703 Watchmakers' & Jewelers' Catalog Swarthchild & Company Catalog/Jewelers
704 Clocks Jagger,Cedric Horologolical History
705A Clocks & Watches Tyler,E.J. Horological History
705B Clocks & Watches Tyler,E.J. Horological History
706 Benj.Allen & Co. Catalog B.Allen Co. Catalog Reprint of 1917
707 Grandfather Clocks & Their Cases Loomes,Brain British Longcase Clocks
708 English Domestic Clocks Cescinsky,Herbert/Webster,Malcolm Technical Data on English Clocks
709 Wristwatches (History of a Century's Development) Brunner,Kahlert Muhe Wristwatch History
710 200 Years of American Clocks & Watches Bailey,Chris H. American History
711 Worlds Great Clocks & Watches,The Jagger,Cedric Horological History
712 Investing in Clocks & Watches Cumhill,P.W. Horological History
713 Thomas Tompion (His Life & Work) Symonds,R.W. History
714 Clock Identification & Price Guide Ehrkardt,Roy Price guide
715 Trade Marks (Watches,Cases,Stones) Ehrkardt,Roy Identification & Price Guide
716 Clock Identificatin & Price Guide Ehrhardt,Roy Price Guide
717 Elgin Watch Company Idnetification & Price Guide Ehrkardt,Roy Price Guide
718 American Pocket Watch Ident.& Price Guide Ehrhardt,Roy Price Guide
719 Waltham Pocket Watch Identification & Price Guide Ehrhardt,Roy Price Guide & Identification
720 Pocket Watch Price Guide Ehrhardt,Roy Price Guide
721 Forgein & American Pocket Watch Guide Ehrkardt,Roy Price Guide
722 American Pocket Watch Price Guide Ehrkardt,Roy Price Guide (1978)
723 Clock Guide Miller,Robert W. Price Guide & Identification
724 Clock Guide #2 Miller,Robert W. Price Guide
725 Story of Chauncey Jerome,The(From Rags to Riches) Basiley,Chris H. History
726A Old Clocks & Watches & Their Makers Britten,F.J. History Reprint (American Publisher)
726B Old Clocks & Watches & Their Makers Britten,F.J. History Reprint (English Publisher)
727 Royal Clocks (the British Monarchy& It's Timekeepe Jagger,Cedric History
728 Jeweler's Indes Catalog 1922 Keystone Publishing Catalog/Jeweler's
729 New Hampshire Clocks & Clockmakers Parsons,Charles Regional History
730 Contributions of Joseph Ives To Conn.Clock 1810-18 Roberts,Kenneth D. Connecticut Clock Technology History
731 Antique Clocks & Clock Collecting Bruton,Eric Clock Collecting and History
732 Skeleton Clocks Royer-Collard,F.B. Identification/Skeleton Clocks
733 Carriage Clocks (Their History & Development) Allix,Charles/Bonnert,Peter History,Carriage Clocks
734 Century of Fine Carriage Clocks,A Fanelli,Joseph/Terwilliger,Charles History,Carriage Clocks
735 Clocks Watches & Chronometers (1819-1820) Rees,Abraham Reprint of Articles on Horology by Rees
736 Forestville Clock Makers Roberts,Kenneth/Taylor,Snowden Clock Regional History
737 150 Years of Electric Horology NAWCC Chapter 125 Information on Electric Clocks & Watches
738 150 Years of Electric Horology NAWCC Chapter 125 Information on Electric Clocks & Watches
739 Clocks and Bronzes Bout' Time Catalog of Clock & Watches Before 1915
740 Waterbury Clocks Tran Du Ly History/Identification/Price Guide
741 Clock (Book 3) Ehrhardt,Roy/Rabeneck,Red Identification/Price Guide
742 Rockford Watch Company Ehrhadt,Roy Grade & Serial Numbers/Production Figures
743 Gilbert Clocks Tran Du Ly Identification/Price Guide

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