Chapter Meeting Highlights
October 6, 2000

Close-up on Polishing

Our video projector continues to prove itself an excellent investment. It enabled Terry Cunningham to give everyone a good, close-up view of his Beginner’s Corner demonstration of using a Dremel tool to polish small parts.

Terry began by showing us the buffing wheels that are available, as well as small brass brushes. He advised us to make sure we choose a convenient shaft size to avoid having to change collets. He also warned us about the brass bristles flying off in every direction – eye protection is essential!

Terry had two kinds of rouge (polishing compound), one called “Fabu-lustre” and another called “Golden Glow.” He demonstrated applying the rouge to the buffing wheel and polishing a dull escape wheel. He primarily uses this kind of polishing to brighten exposed escape wheels and bridges. He explained that the user must be careful of having the buffing wheel catch or bind on the gear spokes – this is even more common when using the brass brush tool. He then talked about maintaining the shiny finish by applying lacquer.

Several audience members contributed to the discussion. Jay McAlister talked about chemically treated polishing cloths, once called “blitz cloths,” which are now available mainly in music stores. Murray Lefkowitz explained a little about the different colors of polishing rouge. For removing rouge, acetone was recommended. Finally, Roy Irick displayed a carriage clock that had been polished for him by Doug Adams. This give-and-take adds tremendously to the effectiveness of and interest in the Beginner’s Corner. Our thanks to Terry for sharing his knowledge of this topic.

Our program was “The Terry Family,” a slide show put together by Chapter 31. It covered the chronology and genealogy of the famous clockmaking family. Many different Terry case and movement designs were covered in detail. The authors even went into the Terry legacy beyond businesses that carried the Terry name: Gilbert, Ansonia, Russell & Jones, and the Pittsfield operations were among them.

Toward the beginning of the meeting, President Roy Irick gave us all food for thought as he elaborated on his President’s Message in the last Tic Talk Times. Regarding mart participation, he pointed out that the NAWCC has a lot more to offer than just marts, and an emphasis on education and sharing of knowledge will go a long way to keep members interested. He also encouraged all of us to improve our record keeping so that our heirs will have some clue as to the values associated with our collections and supplies if, heaven forbid, we were no longer around.

Show and Tell featured several items to go along with October’s letter “B”. Jay McAlister brought a barometer in a watch case. Bud Saiben showed two small banjo clocks, one had a crackle finish, and the other was an outstanding Ansonia miniature banjo. New member Renee Jackson showed her own miniature banjo, a New Haven with a jeweled movement from about 1905.

General Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2000

President Roy Irick called the meeting to order at 8:00. He elaborated on his President’s Message in the October Tic Talk Times, emphasizing that the NAWCC is much more than just marts; that learning and sharing knowledge are perhaps the most important aspects of the organization. To that end, he encouraged members to come forward and volunteer to give programs and Beginner’s Corner talks.

Julie Stevens reported on new members: Tony Baker, Renee Jackson, and Richard Morris. We also welcomed back Robert Murray.

Roy thanked Julie for providing the refreshments. He also announced that the next board meeting would be at Mary Ann Wahlner’s house. Continuing his comments, Roy encouraged all of us to improve our record keeping regarding our collections and supplies.

Murray Lefkowitz described his efforts in helping assign prices to a deceased member’s collection so an estate sale could take place. The clock repairs discussed at the last meeting (Nixon birthplace and Santa Ana Elks) were reported as being completed. A democrat who prefers to remain anonymous performed the repairs. Doug Adams reported that he had performed repairs on a clock from the Heritage House in the name of the NAWCC.

Dave Weisbart displayed his design for the gift subscription post cards that appeared in each issue of the October Bulletin.

Former chapter member Dottie Clark sent greetings to all through Larry Squires.

Terry Cunningham delivered an excellent Beginner’s Corner demonstration of using a Dremel tool to polish small parts. A discussion followed and Roy displayed a carriage clock that had been polished for him by Doug Adams.

A slide show on the clockmaking Terry family was shown. Roy announced next month’s program will be provided by Charlie Davis.

Show and Tell included Jay McAlister, showing a barometer in a watch case, Bud Saiben with two small banjo clocks, and Renee Jackson with another small banjo clock.

Door prizes were won by Bill Miller, Rich Morris, Jan Duwe, and Al Kahn. Meeting adjourned at 9:35.

Respectfully submitted, David Weisbart, Secretary

Directors’ Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2000

The directors’ meeting was held at the home of Mary Ann Wahlner with Vice-president Terry Cunningham presiding. In attendance were directors Terry Cunningham, Dave Weisbart, Mary Ann Wahlner, Julie Stevens, Sally DiMino, Doug Adams, and Ray Marsolek. Also attending were guests Marsha Cunningham and Angelo DiMino.

A discussion was held on the need to present programs of greater interest to wrist watch enthusiasts. Some expressed hope that such programs would result in an increase in meeting attendance among the wrist watch vendors and buyers who already attend the pre-meeting marts. The need for feedback from these members is essential.

Terry announced that Charlie Davis will present a program on Japanese clocks in November. Ray Marsolek was volunteered to provide the Beginner’s Corner presentation on spring winders.

Mary Ann reported on a satisfactory response to the renewal post cards she has sent to about half of the unrenewed members. Dave Weisbart provided her with a supply of post cards for the remaining half.

The small set-up delay in switching from the video projector to the slide projector at the last meeting was discussed. A couple of options were offered to minimize this, including the possibility of moving the Beginner’s Corner to after the slide program.

The next directors’ meeting will be at Julie Stevens’ house, and Mary Ann will be responsible for refreshments at the next general meeting.

The Ebell Club has approved switching our February meeting to the second Friday, February 9, 2001. This is being done to avoid conflict with the L.A. Regional.

What started as a discussion of board members’ individual responsibilities turned into an wide ranging consideration of operating budgets. Since a quorum was not present, some motions were proposed for the next meeting, including distribution of printed financial statements to all board members before they are posted at general meetings, and distribution of monthly cash flow reports. In the absence of the Treasurer, further discussion was tabled.

Until the vacancy on the board is filled, Doug Adams agreed to take over responsibility of providing door prizes.

Ideas for outside events were discussed. These included workshops and field trips. For the latter, the following were suggested: The Merle Norman museum, Union Station in L.A., and the music box collection in Solana Beach. Workshop suggestions will be solicited from the membership.

Terry expressed concern regarding use of the chapter’s video projector at events outside the chapter. After some discussion regarding which events would be allowable and what liability there would be on the part of the borrower, it was decided to place this matter on the agenda for the next meeting for formal action.

Sally DiMino, who was alone at the door at the last meeting, asked that everyone be reminded to have their chapter membership card ready to show when they pay their admission fees.

Dave Weisbart distributed a memo to all concerned members regarding deadlines for submission for the Tic Talk Times.

Mary Ann reported that she has been sending letters to new national members, inviting them to visit and join our chapter. She said the Council of California Chapters had wanted to implement a similar program, but the data processing department at national headquarters was unable to provide a report of new members that covered the entire state.

Julie reported that she had submitted the Chapter Highlights to the Bulletin.

Terry, in his capacity as Program Chair, asked Dave Weisbart to provide a program of entertainment at the December holiday meeting. Dave agreed. There followed a brief discussion of future programs.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30

Respectfully submitted, David Weisbart, Secretary

South County Meeting Minutes

The South County sub chapter meeting was held Sunday, October 8, 2000 at 2 p.m. at the ParaTech Coating building in Aliso Viejo.

For show and tell, John Meiling bought a watch holder with a watch ornament he found at the Del Mar Regional. Jeffrey Stewart showed a 1957 Chrisite’s Auction catalog. Brice Woodward brought a box full of wristwatches. Show and Tell quickly turned into a frenzied mart!

The group gave its best attempt to convince Jeffrey that ParaTech Coating could greatly increase their profits if they went in the wristwatch dial protective coating business.

The slide program was “Marine Chronometers” and very much enjoyed. The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

The next meeting will be held at a member’s home on Sunday, November 5, 2000 at 2 p.m.. Any NAWCC member is welcome. Please call Mary Ann Wahlner at (949) 859-7784 or Julie Stevens at (949) 493-7613 for directions if you plan to attend.

Minutes submitted by Julie Stevens

These were the minutes as published in Chapter 69's official newsletter, the Tic Talk Times.

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