Chapter Meeting Highlights
May 4, 2001

Business Before Pleasure

There was a lot to talk about at the general meeting in May. So much so, in fact, that we ended up postponing the program!

The Airport Exhibit

As reported in the last Tic Talk Times ("Reaching Millions"), Dave Weisbart has been in discussions with JDO Exhibits, a company that provides exhibits at Los Angeles International and Ontario airports, regarding a clock exhibit they wanted to do. At the May meeting, Dave presented the details of how the exhibit loans would work, and he fielded questions from our members. In attendance was Deborah Ellens, a representative of JDO. When all the questions had been answered, Dave asked for volunteers who wanted to lend their clocks to this effort, and got an enthusiastic response from 14 people! For an update, see the article on page 3.

Nominating Committee

Bob Linkenhoker reported on the slate of candidates for the 2001-02 term. They are:

President – Dave Weisbart
Vice president – Terry Cunningham
Secretary – Marsha Cunningham
Treasurer – Bob Linkenhoker
Directors – Sally DiMino, Doug Adams, and Charles Register

Current Directors Mary Ann Wahlner, Ed Athey, Julie Stevens, and Ray Marsolek are completing their two-year terms and will continue serving in the coming year. The election will be held at the June meeting.

Dues Increase

As explained in the May Tic Talk Times, a motion to increase annual chapter membership dues to $10 was made. Nearly everyone in attendance recognized the need to have dues cover the expenses related to membership. There were even some calls to raise dues to $15 ! In the end, the $10 level received overwhelming approval.

In addition to the deficit in direct membership expenditures, it was also explained that there has long been an operating deficit related to meeting costs. These deficits have been offset by interest from the chapter’s Certificates of Deposit, so that the chapter is running as a break-even business. Several members suggested that the chapter raise admission charges at the door to make sure the club operates solidly in the black. Since exact figures for the cash flow over the last few years were unavailable, it was agreed to continue this discussion at the June meeting.

Time for Fun

Well, all work and no play... Gene Osten told us about a very cool Windows 9x screen saver that’s a sun clock. You can customize it, and it loads very cleanly. It’s a free download at .

Show and Tell was like a mini-program. Doug Adams showed an unsigned Swiss pocket chronometer with a couple of unusual features: First was a helical hairspring. Doug explained that this configuration overcomes changes in the "moment of inertia" related to expansion and contraction of the spring. We were also able to see the pivoted detent escapement in action. Doug gave a fascinating talk on the intricacies of both this unusual escapement and hairsprings.

Gene Osten displayed a pair of unusual pocket watches. The first had a "Ferguson" dial, on which the minutes were printed on the dial very large and in black, while the hours were smaller and printed in red. The rationale for this arrangement was that the minutes were more important to railroad engineers than the hours. The movement was a "Bunn Special" made around 1903.

The second watch was made by the Illinois Watch Co. It has a 21-jewel, "Penn Special" movement, and it was originally ordered by H.M. Jackson & Son in Philadelphia around 1924. Gene showed an enlargement of the movement made by scanning it on a computer scanner and printing on a high-quality color printer.

General Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2001

President Roy Irick called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. He welcomed ten guests to the meeting, and thanked Sally DiMino for providing the refreshments.

Roy reminded us of several upcoming marts: our own Goodtyme Supermart and marts in Vista and Arroyo Grande.

Goodtyme Supermart chair Jay McAlister gave a report on preparations for the mart. It appeared that sufficient numbers of members had volunteered for the various required tasks.

Roy announced that the next Directors’ meeting will be at the DiMino’s house. He also solicited suggestions for what the members would like to have as refreshments and door prizes.

Dave Weisbart presented details on the exhibit of clocks at Los Angeles International Airport. He introduced Deborah Ellens of JDO Exhibits, a representative of the exhibit company, who was in attendance. After a brief question and answer period, Dave asked for volunteers who would be willing to lend clocks for the exhibit. Fourteen people raised their hands.

Gene Osten informed us of a recent archeological find in Egypt – possibly the world’s oldest clock. He also told us about a "Sun Clock" screen saver program that’s available on the Internet.

Al Kahn asked that the newest National Director be "introduced." It was, of course, Mary Ann Wahlner.

Roy announced that Charles Register had donated a rare old book to the chapter library, a 1922 edition of "The Jeweler’s Index."

In his capacity as chair of the Nominating Committee, Bob Linkenhoker announced the committee’s slate of candidates. They are:

President – Dave Weisbart
Vice president – Terry Cunningham
Secretary – Marsha Cunningham
Treasurer – Bob Linkenhoker
Directors – Sally DiMino, Doug Adams, and Charles Register

He noted that current Directors Mary Ann Wahlner, Ed Athey, Julie Stevens, and Ray Marsolek are completing their two-year terms and will continue serving in the coming year. Bob then asked for additional nominations from the floor. There were none, and nominations were closed. The election will be held at the June meeting.

Doug Adams gave a report on preparations for the trip to the Nethercutt Museums. The price will be set when the cost of the bus is known.

Julie Stevens informed us that she had created and supplied forms for those people who have clocks or watches they would like to be considered for inclusion in the 2002 National’s exhibit.

Bob Linkenhoker, wearing his Treasurer’s hat, announced that the quarterly financial report had been posted.

Roy initiated a discussion of the dues increase that had been proposed by the Board of Directors and announced in the Tic Talk Times. Larry Squires moved that annual chapter dues be raised to $10.00 per person, and Mary Ann Wahlner seconded the motion. A discussion ensued in which some members called for an even greater increase in dues. Dissent to the increase was minimal. The motion passed.

It was obvious that further discussion of the financial affairs of the chapter were needed. A vote was taken on postponing Bob’s scheduled program since it would undoubtedly cause the meeting to run late. The motion passed by a narrow margin.

Bob presented some details regarding the chapter’s net worth, and offered estimates of the revenue shortfall at each meeting. Since accurate comprehensive figures were not immediately available, Mary Ann Wahlner moved that the discussion be tabled until next month. Jay McAlister seconded and the motion passed.

Show and Tell included Gene Osten with a pair of pocket watches, one with a Bunn Special movement, the other with a Penn Special movement.

Doug Adams showed watch with a helical hairspring and a chronometer with a pivoted detent escapement.

Door prizes were won by Doug Adams, Rich Morris, and Paul Schmitt.

– Respectfully submitted, David Weisbart, Secretary

Directors' Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2001

President Roy Irick called the meeting to order at 7:35. In attendance were officers Terry Cunningham and Dave Weisbart; directors Sally DiMino and Julie Stevens; and guests Angelo DiMino, Jay McAlister, and Marsha Cunningham. This was short of a quorum.

Roy announced that the program for the June meeting would be Bob Linkenhoker’s program which had been postponed at the May meeting. The Beginner’s Corner program was undetermined. The next Directors’ meeting will be at Ed Athey’s house.

Dave Weisbart said that he would be putting a membership renewal application in the Tic Talk Times.

Julie reported on her efforts to find a suitable venue for our September / October workshops. She had looked into halls of fraternal organizations and schools. The search is ongoing.

As indicated at the last general meeting, admission fees will be discussed at the June 1 general meeting.

There were brief discussions of the Nethercutt Museum trip and the Goodtyme Supermart. Dave said he would buy "security" hats if Angelo could not find the old ones.

Angelo DiMino presented a proposal for a formal "Member of the Year" and "New Member of the Year" award program. Consensus was that this would be a good idea, but lacking a quorum, no action was taken.

Dave Weisbart reported on progress regarding the LAX exhibit. He also proposed that a voice mail phone number be set up as a 2002 convention information line for the public.

Terry Cunningham said he would be taking pictures at the Goodtyme Supermart. These will be shown at the June 1 meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Dave Weisbart, Secretary

– Respectfully submitted, David Weisbart, Secretary

South County Meeting Minutes

Antique Fair Video Shown

The South County sub-chapter meeting was held on Sunday, May 6, 2001 at 2 P.M. at the ParaTech Coating building in Aliso Viejo.

Minutes of the April 2001 meeting were approved as circulated as well as the financial report.

A discussion of the upcoming clock display at LAX followed, requesting the loan of clocks for the display.

The program consisted of a video of the recent Grosvenor Antiques Fair. Items included a 1700 English bracket clock in the style of Tompion which was fully embossed in English garden themes. It was recently sold at 250,00 pounds. Other items were a globe clock on a gimbal which was wound from the bottom, a buffet style music box circa 1880, and a gentleman's one minute chronometer tourbion with a bill of sale from 1920 for 75 pounds. Another interesting item was a hand carved 1880 cabinet with 20 secret compartments including an ornate safe.

Show and Tell consists of whatever members choose to bring or discuss. Mike Taylor brought a great wheel of a fuzee movement on which all the teeth had been bent in one direction. Speculation on how that might have happened lead to a discussion of scrap hardware, antique tools and machinery. Many other "tips" and "how-to’s" followed. Jeffrey Stewart produced 8 watches a neighbor wanted to consider selling at the SuperMart. Julie Stevens showed the hands she had found for Mike's locket watch.

The next meeting will be held on June 10, 2001 at ParaTech at 2 P.M. Julie Stevens will give a hands on demonstration of placing an ad on e-bay. She will bring a digital camera and members may bring their items to video and place their ads.

Any NAWCC member is welcome. For information call 949-859-7784. ParaTech may be reached from El Toro Road by going south on Moulton Parkway; right on Glenwood Dr.; left on Argonaut to #35.

— Minutes submitted by Mary Ann Wahlner

These were the minutes as published in Chapter 69's official newsletter, the Tic Talk Times.

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