Chapter Meeting Minutes
June 2, 2000

With President Gene Osten presiding, the meeting was called to order at 8:00 P.M.

Gene thanked Jay McAllister for the refreshments. He then called Hoke Dillon up to the podium and presented Hoke with a certificate of appreciation for his consistent contributions to our monthly Show & Tell.

Dave Weisbart presented the new logo he has designed for the 2002 convention, "The NAWCC Southern California Adventure." The logo will be used in the correspondence and advertising for the convention.

Gene announced the plan to purchase a video projector for the chapter and asked Dave to report on his evaluation and selection process for the projector. One significant point that he made was that he had only considered projectors that had a light intensity of 1000 lumens or greater to help insure good visibility in a fully lit hall. Dave made a motion that the directors be permitted to spend up to $5,000.00 for a projector. A rather lengthy discussion followed about the projector selection and a concern that like many of today's high-tech items, it would be quickly out of date. It was pointed out that as long as there is not a significant change in the TV standards, it will perform the functions for which it is being procured (i.e. if a TV that is purchased today will still do the job 10 years from now, so would the projector). After the discussion, Dave's motion was voted on and it passed unanimously. (See directors meeting minutes regarding a demonstration of the unit that was presented at that meeting)

Gene called on Terry Cunningham, Chairman of the nominating committee to give the final slate of candidates (officers and directors) selected by the committee to serve in the coming year. No other individuals were nominated from the floor, so Gene called for a voice vote on approving the following officers and directors:

  • President: Roy Irick
  • Vice President: Terry Cunningham
  • Secretary: Dave Weisbart
  • Treasurer: Robert Linkenhoker
  • Directors (new terms): Doug Adams, Julie Stevens, Mary Ann Wahlner and Ray Marsolek

The slate was approved unanimously. The following directors, elected last year, will be continuing to serve their two-year terms: Sally and Angelo Dimino, and Cora Lee Linkenhoker.

Gene reported that Etta Serr is out of the hospital.

It was announced that the board meeting for June will be held at the home of Jay McAlister.

Jay McAlister presented the Beginner's Corner program, covering basic operating principles of battery powered pendulum clocks. He drew diagrams on a white board to illustrate various coils and toggles that make these clocks tick.

Jay also presented the main program "The Norman Langmaid Collection" which was an excellent program on a fabulous collection of European tall case, bracket, skeleton, and experimental clocks going back to the 17th century.


David Weisbart showed two green onyx clocks, a Waterbury and an Ansonia which was almost certainly named with a W since nearly all the other Ansonia green onyx clock names began with W.

Bud Saiben showed a Mini Waltham banjo clock and reminded everyone of the Goodtyme Supermart on June 10.

Hoke Dillon presented some Waltham watches and antique tools. Hoke also expressed thanks for the certificate of appreciation he was presented by the chapter.

Bob Ciampa showed an English Watch.

Door prizes were won by: Jim Espy, Raymond Marsolek and John Ripley. Minutes submitted by Roy Irick, Chapter Secretary

Minutes submitted by Roy C. Irick, Secretary.

Directorsí Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2000

The directors meeting was held at the home of Jay McAlister, with President Gene Osten presiding. The following were in attendance: Mary Ann Wahlner, Bob and Cora Lee Linkenhoker, Angelo and Sally DiMino, Gene Osten, David Weisbart, Terry and Marsha Cunningham, Jay McAlister and Roy Irick.

The question was raised as to whether to postpone the installation of officers and directors since several of them would be in Philadelphia for our July meeting. After a brief discussion, it was decided to proceed as scheduled.

The purchase of the Tran Duy Ly book on Seth Thomas Clocks was discussed and the purchase was authorized on a motion made by Larry Squires which passed unanimously. The problem of losing the price guide that comes with the book was discussed and Gene Osten volunteered to make a copy to assure that the original is not lost.

Gene reported that he received a form from National for the nomination of a member to the position of Fellow and it is available for anyone interested. He also received a solicitation from National for the submission of names for the position of various officers in the coming election. The matter was discussed at length and the following motions were made for the submission of names: Terry Cunningham made a motion that the board of directors recommend Mary Ann Wahlner for the position of director. The motion passed. Bob Linkenhoker made a motion that the board recommend John Hubby as national treasurer. The motion passed.

Terry discussed the problem of getting access to the building since James seems to have a problem in hearing the bell.

Mary Ann Wahlner reported that the registration for the Goodtyme Supermart is ahead of last year.

Terry Cunningham suggested that badges be secured for all officers. After some discussion, Mary Ann made a motion that the chapter buy permanent name badges for all directors and officers. The motion was seconded by Terry and passed.

Bob Linkenhoker noted that it is time for the chapter books to be audited. It will be the responsibility of the incoming president to secure someone to audit the books.

Dave Weisbart reported on the meeting of the 2002 convention committee. They were shown the hall and were impressed with the renovation and felt that it was excellent. The committee reviewed the facilities for unloading and expect to have the lower level of the parking structure available for unloading all day Wednesday. Dave feels everything is on track.

Since a number of people will be at the National during our July meeting, people were asked to fill in for some of the missing members. Larry Squires agreed to take care of the door, and Gene Osten volunteered to take the minutes at the general meeting.

The problem of a large supply of door prizes was discussed and it was agreed to give away extra door prizes at future meetings. To avoid the problem of drawing tickets for people who have departed, it was suggested that tickets be given to those still present at the time of the drawing. This procedure was approved and will be implemented soon.

For the close, David Weisbart demonstrated a ViewSonic video projector for the group. It was interesting to note that its resolution capability exceeds that of the TV signal. This was apparent in comparing the quality of some of the internal control functions projected on the screen when compared to off air TV signals. The motion was made and passed that Dave be authorized to procure a projector and a cordless microphone for use during Beginner's Corner and Show and Tell.

Meeting adjourned to devour some excellent refreshments prepared by our host Jay McAlister.

Minutes submitted by Roy C. Irick, Secretary

South County Sub-Chapter Notes

No South County notes for July.


These were the minutes as published in Chapter 69's official newsletter, the Tic Talk Times.

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