Chapter Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2000

With President Gene Osten presiding, the meeting was called to order at 8:00 P.M. Gene introduced our guests: Lou Lewis, Bill Angle and a friend of Hoke Dillon, David Isle. A new chapter member, Don Hops, was also introduced. Then Gene thanked Bob and Cora Lee Linkenhoker for the refreshments.

Al Kahn introduced and administered the oath of office to the new officers and directors who were present. These included Roy Irick, President; Bob Linkenhoker, Treasurer; and directors Doug Adams and Julie Stevens. Several newly elected officers and directors were attending the national convention in Philadelphia and were unable to be present for installation: Terry Cunningham, Vice-president; Dave Weisbart, Secretary; and directors Mary Ann Wahlner and Ray Marsolek.

Hoke Dillon presented a Golden Dollar to outgoing president Gene Osten. Gene turned the meeting over to the new president, Roy Irick, who presented a gavel to Gene to commemorate his years as president.

Roy thanked the board members for their help in setting up the new organization. He also thanked Larry Squires who volunteered to handle the door for this meeting.

Bob Linkenhoker called attention to the Annual financial report that was posted on the side of the stage.

The Beginner’s Corner mini-seminar was called “Introduction to the Appraisal Process.” It was presented by Al Kahn, who is a member of ANA (Appraisers National Association), and is certified to appraise furniture, clocks and watches, and other items. Al is also a guest speaker at the College of Appraisers in Placentia.

Al explained that the key to appraising is value. The first thing that one must do is identify the item being appraised. Al has an extensive reference table that he uses for guidance in his appraising. An appraiser must also rely on others to keep up to date on the value of items, because the market is always changing.

Al told of some experiences he had in appraising clocks. He appraised one early American Clock that was in pristine condition and with a provenance traceable back to 1850. The clock appraised for $30,000, to the delight of the owner. Another individual had a clock that the owner thought was the same as a clock in a picture that sold for $30,000. The owner was a little unhappy when Al came up with and appraisal of $7500, because of the condition of the item.

Our thanks to Al for an enlightening look at appraising.

The program was on “Classic English lantern Clocks.” This was an interesting slide show that shed light on a period during which a number of changes took place in the design of clocks, including such fundamental changes as the addition of a minute hand to the original one-handed design.

Hoke Dillon showed a fusee watch for show and tell. Door prizes were won by: Maryanne Ripley, Bob Linkenhoker, John Ripley and David Nyala.

Minutes submitted by Gene Osten, Roy C. Irick, and David Weisbart.

Directors’ Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2000

While the annual pot luck party at the Saibens’ was well attended, there were not enough directors and officers to make up a quorum according to the chapter by-laws. In attendance were President Roy Irick, Treasurer Bob Linkenhoker, Secretary Dave Weisbart, and directors Julie Stevens, Mary Ann Wahlner, Cora Lee Linkenhoker, and as a proxy if necessary, Doug Adams’ wife, Phyllis. Since one more member would have been required to meet the two-thirds requirement for a quorum, the members decided to proceed and discuss certain issues without taking any official action.

Roy said he would discuss the upcoming Beginner’s Corner programs with Vice-president (and program chair) Terry Cunningham. Any chapter member who has an idea for one of these mini-seminars is encouraged to talk to either Roy or Terry.

Roy also stated that he would be checking with the Ebell Club to find out if our meeting hall will be available for rescheduling in January due to a conflict with the L.A. Regional. It was agreed that last January’s regional negatively impacted attendance at our event.

Membership building will be one of Roy’s top priorities during the upcoming year. Ideas were discussed on getting new members for both national and chapter 69.

A schedule of directors’ meetings was passed around, with those in attendance choosing which months they wanted to host. Dave Weisbart asked to host the next meeting in August, but the meeting will have to be on Thursday, August 10, instead of the usual Wednesday meeting.

Cora Lee reported that the response to membership renewal was up over last year.

The need for an annual audit of the books was discussed. Roy will ask for a volunteer at the next general meeting. He will also check with an accountant to find out how much it would cost to have it done professionally.

A motion to adjourn was ignored due to the lack of a quorum. Everybody just went home (after thanking Bud and Pat for doing their usual great job of hosting).

Minutes submitted by Roy C. Irick, Secretary

South County Sub-Chapter Minutes

The South County sub-chapter meeting was held on Sunday, July 16, 2000 at 2 P.M. at the ParaTech Coating building in Aliso Viejo.

Minutes of the May 13 meeting were approved as circulated as well as the financial report.

Show and Tell consists of whatever members choose to bring. Mike Taylor brought pictures of an organ clock he had recently restored and was seeking further provenance. The clock was made in Vienna for sale in Moscow. At some point it wound up in Argentina and was later purchased by a lady in Newport Beach. The machine is nine feet tall excluding a puti on the top which was not attached due to limitations of ceiling height. The 75 pound weight broke during the 1994 earthquake. The organ contains 31 pipes and has 5 tunes on its cylinder. It contains two bellows and is wound by a crank.

Jeffrey Stewart has a book on musical clocks which he is willing to loan to Mike. Jeffrey Stewart brought a recently acquired musical bracket clock with eight bells. The face plate is marked “Gardner, London, 1790” and “Song in Norway” and “Minuet” around the second bit. The back plate is fully engraved with acanthus leaves and thistles. It is a three train fusee which Jeffrey has changed to cables. He acquired the clock in Connecticut and refurbished it.

A slide program of “One Man’s Collection” was shown.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 P.M. The next meeting will be held on August 13 at ParaTech at 2 P.M.. Any NAWCC member is welcome. For information call 949-859-7784. ParaTech may be reached from El Toro Road by going south on Moulton Parkway; right on Glenwood Dr; left on Argonaut to #35.

Minutes submitted by Mary Ann Wahlner


These were the minutes as published in Chapter 69's official newsletter, the Tic Talk Times.

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