Chapter Meeting Minutes
January 7, 2000

President Gene Osten called the meeting to order promptly at 8:00. He introduced two guests, Ernest Hamer and ??? Adams, and thanked Ed Athey for the refreshments.

A petition for Mary Ann Wahlner for director was circulated. Our members were also given an opportunity to sign up for the newly forming alarm clock chapter.

It was announced that Chapter #69 member Fred Anderson will be running for Superior Court Judge.

The Atmos repair class by AWI being held on February 25th and 26th at the Doubletree Hotel, 90 Pacifica Avenue, Irvine, CA was announced. (After meeting note: We have 7 people registered and there is still some space. AWI required 8 people for these classes, but has agreed to go ahead, hoping to fill out the class. Mr. Jaeger has been told to get his ticket!!!!!)

Angelo Dimino announced that the pocket watch class has been rescheduled for late March.

Ray Marsolek talked about attending the opening of the NAWCC museum.

Dave Weisbart presented an Horological version of Jeopardy which was reported, by a number of attendees, to be one of the best programs we have every had.

Show and Tell: Hoke Dillon came through, faithful as ever, with some small clocks(!) and several interesting watches.

Among the door prize winners were Hoke Dillon and Jan Duwe.

Minutes reconstructed from Gene Osten's agenda by Gene, Roy Irick, and Dave Weisbart.

Directors Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2000

The meeting was held at the home of Ed Athey with President Gene Osten conducting the meeting. The following were present: Gene Osten, Ed Athey, Roy Irick, Larry Squires, Mary Anne Wahlner, Bob Linkenhoker, Cora Lee Linkenhoker, Al Kahn and Angelo Dimino.

Bernie Peralta has finished his stint as editor of the Tic Talk Times and the problem of finding a successor was discussed in detail. It was agreed that Dave Weisbart would be contacted to do the next issue for a charge to be agreed on by Gene Osten. It was also agreed that there would be an effort to find a new editor and that the matter would be discussed at the next board meeting. Ed Athey was asked to act as a backup. Ed said he could not take on the task of editing, because his job had transferred to El Segundo and the drive did not leave him the time needed for the task

Al Kahn read a letter from Bob Murray regarding his membership and also presented a request to review the matter of earlier meetings. Terry reported that payment had been received.

Gene agreed to bring up the matter of earlier meetings at the next chapter meeting.

Announcement of the Craft Competition was read.

Gene reported receiving a thank you from James regarding the Christmas gift the chapter gave him.

Larry Squires announced the arrival of grand daughter Grace. We gathered that she does not tick, but it appeared she has Larry ticking.

Mary Ann reported receiving a new listing of members in the south county area and that it had only two members listed on it. She has sent out 20 to 25 letters regarding the south county meeting and has gotten only one response.

Terry Cunningham passed out list of vendors for comments.

The problem of the refreshments disappearing before some of the members arrive was discussed and it was suggested that the refreshments not be put out until 7:30 PM.

Minutes submitted by Roy Irick

Sub-Chapter Minutes

The South County sub-chapter meeting was held on Sunday, January 9, 2000 at 2 P.M. at the ParaTech Coating building in Aliso Viejo.

Minutes of the November 14 meeting were approved as circulated as well as the financial report.

Show and Tell elicited a number of items purchased at the Greater Los Angeles Regional this week-end. Julie Stevens showed and Hamilton Pacer electric watch she had been looking for for some time as well as Derek Roberts book Mystery, Novelty & Fantasy Clocks. Mary Ann Wahlner displayed a number of small tools purchased at the Regional as well as two watch keys gold plated by one of the vendors in attendance. Jeffrey Stewart brought a small 2 x 3 Sargent and G 72 hour bank safe lock which worked on a timing mechanism. J.M. Leachman brought a small German table clock in walnut with striking mechanism. The back plate was marked Carl Werner, Villeg in Germany 1887, #37. It also has several repair dates scratched on the movement. Jeffrey Stewart also showed some of his collection of antique woodworking tools.

A Video of the Alarm Clocks, Fun & Functional by Paul & Ursula Metsker was shown.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 P.M.

Next meeting will be held on February 13 at ParaTech at 2 P.M. Any NAWCC member is welcome. For information call 949-859-7784. ParaTech may be reached from El Toro Road by going south on Moulton Parkway; right on Glenwood Dr; right on Argonaut to #35.

Minutes submitted by Mary Ann Wahlner

These were the minutes as published in Chapter 69's official newsletter, the Tic Talk Times.

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