Chapter Meeting Highlights
February 9, 2001

Passion for Porcelains

Our February meeting featured two of our most active and popular members, Terry and Marsha Cunningham, presenting a program on a subject they really loved – Royal Bonn porcelain clocks. How could we go wrong?

Marsha preceded her portion of the program by saying that she wanted to see more women getting involved in the NAWCC. She chronicled how she got interested in clocks and Royal Bonns in particular. The actual program began with a short history of the porcelain maker. She told how true hard-paste porcelain had been known to the Chinese since the 13th century, but wasn’t made in Europe until 1709 in Meissen, Germany.

The Royal Bonn name belonged to the Bonn China Manufactory in Bonn, which was founded in 1755 by Franz Anton Mehlem. Marsha told us about some of the intervening company history between its founding and the addition of the “Royal” designation in 1890. The factory closed in 1931.

She also informed us that part of what differentiates Royal Bonn porcelain from common porcelain is not only the type of paste used, but also the number of colors and the number of firings the porcelain received.

A survey of case styles followed, starting with the smallest sizes, the miniatures. Several of Bud Saiben’s clocks were used to illustrate this genre. Moving up in cases size, we saw a comparison of the miniature and medium sized cases, followed by a diverse selection of medium sized clocks. Most of these were from the Cunninghams’ own collection. They explained the “New Art” tint, which has gradients through several colors over the entire length of the clock.

The large case sizes were presented next, and this section of the program also included a brief discussion of the different bezel styles used by Ansonia on these clocks. Some of the most spectacular clocks in the Cunninghams’ collection were shown, including Terry’s prized brown Delft “La Cerda.”

Finally, we saw several pictures of a “La Roche” clock in various stages of disassembly and refurbishment. Interestingly, all the pictures in this program were digital photos that were displayed from Terry’s laptop computer through our projector. The clarity and photo quality were excellent. Our thanks to the Cunninghams for an outstanding program.

The February Beginner’s Corner was the prelude to this month’s program. Eric Leung showed us how to disassemble a Keebler clock movement. Eric, who is hearing impaired, signed his presentation while his mother, Pat, translated. (Pat actually seemed to have a good grasp of the subject in her own right.) Eric showed how he lets down the small mainspring, cleverly using a nylon cable tie where standard spring clamps just won’t fit. As the disassembly continued, Eric pointed out certain challenges and peculiarities of the Keebler movements. (For example, the hour hand, its shaft and gear are a single piece – don’t try to pull just the hand off!) With the movement completely disassembled, it’s ready for cleaning and other work. It was then that Terry Cunningham suggested that Eric return and reassemble the movement for us, and that will be the March program!

Show and Tell started with Charlie Davis. For our letter of the month, F, Charlie displayed a “fraudulent” clock – what appeared to be a ship’s clock but, when opened, revealed a cheap lever movement.

Hoke Dillon showed several items including a Gruen Veri-thin and a Curvex wrist watch.

Doug Adams displayed an English-made “demi-hunter” pocket watch. This watch had a small window in its cover that allowed a view of the hands without opening it. The minute hand had two spades to accommodate this. Doug also explained that the watch is “free sprung” to maintain isochronism.

Roy Irick brought a Royal Bonn clock which had the same case design as Ansonia’s “La Riva,” but was of French manufacture.

Marsha Cunningham showed a small glass-walled, satin-lined watch holder.

Dave Weisbart brought his Ansonia “Radiant,” a green onyx crystal regulator which was missing its feet when Dave bought it. Although he did get some new feet that were similar in design to the originals, he did not want to permanently attach them, so be built an aluminum undercarriage on which the replacement feet were mounted.

Bud Saiben showed four Royal Bonn miniatures, some of which were included in Terry and Marsha’s program.

Jay McAlister showed an interesting early battery clock which had most of the features of a Brillie movement design. He wasn’t entirely convinced of its origin, though, thinking there was a possibility it might be by ATO.

In other news...

Ray Bryant, who is working on this year’s Pacific Rim Regional at Del Mar, thanked us for participation in previous regionals, and made the same offer of monetary compensation to the chapter for every chapter member who volunteers to work the tables at the door. After a motion was made, the chapter voted to accept the offer. The Pac Rim Regional is the last weekend in September, the 28th and 29th. (Note to Jewish members who were thinking of driving down on the 27th: that’s Yom Kippur!) A sign-up sheet will be passed around at future Chapter 69 meetings for those of you who can volunteer.

Jay McAlister was volunteered to be the chairman of this year’s Goodtyme Supermart. With the organizational skills of a first-rate CEO, Jay provided a breakdown of the volunteer help he will need to make our mart a reality. Our sincere thanks to Jay for taking over this important task.

General Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2001

President Roy Irick called the meeting to order at 8:00. He welcomed new member John Lu, and guests Jose Ramona and David Ayala. He also thanked Ebell caretaker James for his help with this month’s refreshments.

Roy announced this year’s Goodtyme Supermart on Saturday, May 12. Sign-up forms were made available.

The February Directors’ meeting will be at Doug and Phyllis Adams’ house.

Dave Weisbart displayed a series of charts showing the results of January’s mail-in survey.

Ray Bryant asked for volunteers for this year’s Pac Rim Regional. He offered Chapter 69 $35 for every 2 hours of volunteer work. Saul Zitter moved that the chapter accept the offer, Murray Lefkowitz seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Murray reminded everyone to cast their votes in the NAWCC National election.

Roy announced that Bud Saiben will not be chairing the Goodtyme Supermart this year, and that Jay McAlister had agreed to take on the task. Jay provided a list of jobs for which volunteers would be required.

Larry Squires reminded us of the 2002 convention auction, and solicited volunteers for this effort. Roy once again reminded us of the need for quality clocks and watches for the exhibit.

Doug Adams announced that Jim Ritchie has passed away.

Beginner’s Corner was presented by Eric Leung, who showed how to disassemble a Keebler movement.

The main program was an extensive survey of Royal Bonn clocks presented by Terry and Marsha Cunningham. Images were presented using a computer and video projector.

Show and Tell included: Charlie Davis with a fraudulent ship’s clock; Hoke Dillon with wrist watches; Doug Adams showing a demi-hunter pocket watch; Roy Irick with a French Royal Bonn clock; Marsha Cunningham showing a glass-walled watch holder; Dave Weisbart displaying detachable feet on a crystal regulator; Bud Saiben showing four miniature Royal Bonn clocks; and Jay McAlister with a French-made battery clock.

Door prizes were won by Julie Stevens, Donald (?), and Doug Adams.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55.

– Respectfully submitted, Dave Weisbart, Secretary

Directors' Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2001

President Roy Irick called the meeting to order at 7:35. In attendance were: officers Terry Cunningham, Bob Linkenhoker, and Dave Weisbart; directors Doug Adams, Sally DiMino, Cora Lee Linkenhoker, and Julie Stevens; and guests Phyllis Adams, Angelo DiMino, Jay McAlister, and Marsha Cunningham.

There were no corrections to the previous minutes.

Terry Cunningham said that March’s program would be Eric Leung reassembling the movement he showed in February, and that Bud Saiben would provide the Beginner’s Corner on methods of hanging clocks. Terry will call Dave Weisbart to confirm. Roy mentioned that the San Fernando Valley chapter had a presentation on protecting clocks from earthquakes.

The next Directors’ Meeting will be at Roy’s house in Palos Verdes.

To enhance camaraderie, Roy suggested an extra Saturday daytime meeting, possibly a barbeque. He suggested that a sneak preview of the 2002 exhibit clocks might be assembled for this event. This led to a discussion of the difficulties of taking good photos of clocks in a home setting. These photos will be needed for a planned souvenir book at the National. For purposes of the sneak preview, a video might suffice, but a new technology digital video camera would be preferred over our members’ older cameras.

There was a discussion of volunteers for the Pacific Rim Regional at Del Mar. Our understanding is that the sponsoring chapter will provide a list of specific time slot requirements and a sign-up sheet for circulating at a future chapter meeting.

Jay McAlsiter addressed the group regarding requirements for the Goodtyme Supermart. Several key positions had already been filled. Following is a list of the person and his/her responsibility: Doug Adams, publicity; Mary Ann Wahlner, pre-registration; Jay, room layout and dealings with the city of Tustin; Terry Cunningham, table rental and set-up; Sally DiMino, door registration; Julie Stevens, clean-up; Dave Weisbart, creation and printing of flyers.

It was agreed that only NAWCC members and their escorted guests would be allowed admission to the mart. Only members could have tables. A discussion of table “squatters” ensued, and Sally reminded us that table holders have a different color badge than attendees. Mary Ann Wahlner will be asked to create badges for pre-registered people.

Doug arranged for several people to distribute approximately 300 flyers at chapter meetings in Southern California.

There was a brief discussion of 2002 personnel needs. The consensus was that the Chapter would provide assistance whenever a request came from a 2002 committee chair.

Doug volunteered to organize field trips. Based on the responses to the survey, it was decided to try to set up a trip to Mike Ames’s music box museum in Solana Beach. Since the museum is close to the train station there, it was suggested that the group take the Amtrak from Santa Ana.

Julie relayed a request from Mary Ann Wahlner that the membership be reminded that two Chapter 69 members are running for national directorships.

Bob reported that he had obtained the insurance endorsement to cover our video equipment.

He also suggest to Roy that this was the time of year to appoint a nominating committee for the June election.

James at the Ebell club will be providing a bill to the Chapter for supplies used in recent meetings.

Dave reviewed the “essay” responses to the survey and passed out a summary sheet to the board members involved with workshops and field trips.

Terry brought up that the last general meeting was too long. Possibilities for shortening the meetings were discussed including eliminating the Beginner’s Corner or moving it to the mart hour. Other possible solutions included methods of diplomatically limiting verbose speakers, or limiting the number of Show and Tell items to two per person.

There was a brief discussion of the Chapter’s upcoming election. Terry suggested that the by-laws be amended to create a directorship for an Audio-Visual Chairperson.

A motion was made and passed regarding a printing project for Dave Weisbart.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:45.

– Respectfully submitted, Dave Weisbart, Secretary

South County Meeting Minutes

The South County sub-chapter meeting was held on Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 2 P.M. at the ParaTech Coating building in Aliso Viejo.

Minutes of the January 14, 2001 meeting were approved as circulated as well as the financial report.

A 25 minute video, “Photographing Clock and Watches” by Reed Bender, was presented.

Show and Tell consists of whatever members choose to bring or discuss. Jeffrey Stewart brought a pocket watch holder made from an African elephant tusk with what appeared to be embossed and engraved decorations. Other members discussed clocks, watches and other items observed at the Greater Los Angeles Regional.

The next meeting will be held on March 11, 2001 at ParaTech at 2 P.M.. The featured program will be several videos of the British “Antiques Roadshow.” Any NAWCC member is welcome. For information call 949-859-7784.

ParaTech may be reached from El Toro Road by going south on Moulton Parkway; right on Glenwood Dr; left on Argonaut to #35.

– Minutes submitted by Mary Ann Wahlner

These were the minutes as published in Chapter 69's official newsletter, the Tic Talk Times.

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