Chapter Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2000

The meeting was held at the Ebell Club and conducted by Gene Osten.

Al Kahn asked that the minutes for the directors meeting be corrected. He was listed as an attendee and that was an error.

Gene announced the need for a nominating committee and indicated that a chairman will be selected at the next board meeting. He asked for volunteers for the positions on the committee.

Bud Saiben was commended for the repair of a clock at the Anaheim museum.

Wayne Preston gave a pitch for John Hubby in the upcoming NAWCC election.

Bud Saiben announced a new date (because of conflicts with other marts) for the Chapter 69 mart. It will be held on June 10th, the second Saturday in June.

An alarm clock chapter is being formed and membership forms were available at the meeting.

It was announced that the AWI watch repair class will be held at the Holiday Inn in Costa Mesa on March 11 & 12.

Mary Ann Wahlner’s petition was mentioned.

Terry Cunningham passed out copies of the list of vendors that various members have suggested and Terry has prepared.

Gene announced a request from Marsh Ganger, from Florida, for signatures on a petition for her candidacy for NAWCC director.

It was announced that Dave Weisbart is the new editor for Tic Talk Times and he was commended for the excellent issue that was published for this month. Good work Dave.

Gene Osten announced that the directors meeting will be at his home next Thursday evening, starting at 7:30 PM.

Dave Weisbart announced that he has acquired two domain names for the chapter and is presently designing the web sites.

The problems with the projector were discussed and the conclusion was that the problem was with the carousel.

Jay McAlister presented a slide show entitled “The Yankee and His Clock Box” by Dorothy Glenk.

Roy Irick showed a carriage clock for show and tell.

Door prizes were won Elaine Irick, Warren Newell and Doug Adams.

Minutes submitted by Roy C. Irick

Directors’ Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2000

The meeting was held at Gene Osten’s home with Gene conducting.

Cora Lee mentioned the status of membership and the good results that have resulted from sending out the reminder cards. She has received a number of renewals that she attributes to the cards.

David Weisbart reported receiving a memo from Charles Buttz regarding establishing mentors for new members. It was suggested that a Mentor Chairman be selected and that this chairman assign a mentor to each new member that comes into the chapter. The idea being that the mentor would help the new member get acquainted with members of the chapter and assist the new member in learning more about his areas of interest.

Dave also presented a preliminary mock up for a logo for the year 2002 convention. It was well received by the members in attendance and Dave was asked to proceed with his design.

Ed Athey suggested that the chapter consider getting the complete set of the Tran Duy Ly books. The matter was discussed at length and it was decided to investigate the need and whether it makes sense to get all of the books or just selected titles. Members are asked to call Terry Cunningham with any suggestions for acquisitions for the library.

Roy Irick raised the question of Dave’s compensation as editor of the Tic Talk Times and suggested that it be presented to the members at the next chapter meeting. Dave explained his position and pointed out the need for the chapter to present a good image for the coming national convention in 2002. A point that was very interesting, he mentioned what he had accomplished with the guitar society he is associated with in increasing the membership. His accomplishment there was very impressive and hopefully, with backing of the chapter and members, we can accomplish similar results in our chapter membership with Dave’s talents in publishing and public relations.

Bob Linkenhoker mentioned the need for volunteers for office. This is a chance to get to know the chapter members better and make your contribution to the chapter.

Jay McAlister reported that the projector is in the shop and that the chapter is now the proud owner of a new 80-slide carousel tray. Hopefully these two things will improve the quality of our programs in the coming months.

It was announced that for the month of March the program will be a short slide show on “How to Make a Watch Case” to be followed by a report by Bud Saiben on the Australian regional.

Roy Irick will also present a short Beginner’s Corner discussion of dating European clocks. Gene asked for volunteers for the nominating committee and Terry accepted appointment as chairman of the committee.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15

Minutes submitted by Roy C. Irick

Sub-Chapter Minutes

The South County sub-chapter meeting was held on Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 2 P.M. at the ParaTech Coating building in Aliso Viejo.

Minutes of the January 9 meeting were approved as circulated as well as the financial report.

Show and Tell consists of whatever members choose to bring. J.M. Leachman brought a number of divers watches from the mid-50s: a Plancpain stainless steel one, an Atlas divers watch with inkablock shock resistance, and a Pussers quartz West Indies navy watch which came with Pussers rum. J.M. no longer has the rum. John Meiling brought a recent purchase from the Greater Los Angeles Regional which consisted of an eagle shaped watch holder with an Omega watch dangling from the eagle beak. Jeffrey Stewart showed a Seth Thomas 30 hour mantle clock with S and T hands, a tablet containing four roses and very good paper inside the case. Jeffrey had paralened (product) the paper to protect it damage and moisture. Mary Ann Wahlner brought two Seth Thomas log cabins from the 1880s with brass 30 hour movements. One has an alarm and one does not.

A Video of the The French Morbier, 1780 – 1900 was shown.

Discussions regarding the possible repair solutions for John Meilings pocket watch questions and magnetizing and de-magnetizing metals followed. Jeffrey Stewart distributed copies of an article Silvering brass dials. John Meiling distributed steel Mickey Mouse pen knives to all.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 P.M..

There will be no meeting in March. The next meeting will be held on April 9 at ParaTech at 2 P.M.. Any NAWCC member is welcome. For information call 949-859-7784. ParaTech may be reached from El Toro Road by going south on Moulton Parkway; right on Glenwood Dr; right on Argonaut to #35.

Minutes submitted by Mary Ann Wahlner

These were the minutes as published in Chapter 69's official newsletter, the Tic Talk Times.

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