Chapter Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2000

The chapter meeting opened at 8:00 PM with Gene Osten presiding.

Gene thanked Cora Lee Linkenhoker for the refreshments.  Those who weren’t there missed some good ice-cream, while those in attendance collected some tasty calories.  Thanks Cora Lee.

It was announced that David Weisbart is presenting his "Time Trials" program at the chapter 75 meeting in the north San Fernando Valley on April 30th.  Those who missed the program at chapter 69 when David gave it in January, should make an effort to attend the chapter 75 meeting.

Bob Linkenhoker reported receiving a call from Russ Northrop who gave Bob old copies of the Tic Talk Times, going back to the first issue (Vol. 1, No. 1)! Dave Weisbart said he would be incorporating content, especially technical articles, from these early editions.

Jim Espy reported receiving some calls from people wanting help on clock repairs.  Any one interested in work should contact Jim for information on the people looking for help.

Terry Cunningham announced the Nominating Committee’s recommendations of the following candidates for chapter office:

  • President: Roy Irick
  • Vice President: Terry Cunningham
  • Secretary: David Weisbart
  • Treasurer: Jim Espy
  • Directors: Doug Adams, Julie Stevens, Raymond  Marsolek, and Mary Ann Wahlner.

Additional nominations will be solicited at the May meeting, and voting will take place at the June meeting.

Gene announced that he is trying to organize an advanced pocket watch repair class.  Any one interested should contact Gene Osten at the meeting or at 714-836-0224.

It was reported that the chapter treasurer, Bob Linkenhoker, had submitted a chapter financial statement.

Gene reminded everyone that the board meeting for April will be at Bob and Cora Lee Linkenhoker’s house.

Beginner’s Corner featured Gene Osten who described the procedure to use when checking out a pocket watch prior to purchase.  He also provided a handout.  It was an enjoyable presentation that even kept the attention of the clock enthusiasts.

The following marts were announced:

  • Chapter 69’s Goodtyme Supermart, Saturday, June 10th at the Tustin Community Center.
  • Chapter 81’s Inland Counties Faire, Saturday April 29th, in Pomona

Jay McAlister presented a program of Bloomfield NY Clocks by Abner Jones.  

Show and Tell presenters included Hoke Dillon, showing a U.S. watch along with several others and Roy Irick showing a Kaiser "Universe" 400 day clock.

Door prizes were won by Elaine Irick, Bob Linkenhoker and Mike Roddy.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Roy C. Irick, Secretary.

Directors’ Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2000

The directors’ meeting was held at the home of Bob and Cora Lee Linkenhoker in Corona. President Gene Osten presided. The following were in attendance: Mary Ann Wahlner, Bob and Cora Lee Linkenhoker, Angelo and Sally DiMino, Gene Osten, David Weisbart, Terry and Marsha Cunningham, Jay McAllister and Roy Irick.

Angelo Dimino reported that only three people signed up for the class on case repair, and as a result the class was canceled.  He plans to try for another course in the near future.

Dave Weisbart reported receiving an email from Glenn Marsh offering congratulations on the new chapter web site.    He also reported that he has accumulated a large quantity of data on video projectors and hopes to analyze it in the near future.

The Beginner’s Corner for May was discussed and Larry Squires volunteered to bring some tools. We will also encourage displays of home made tools for Show & Tell.  

Mary Ann Wahlner reported that so far she has received four registrations for the June 10th "Goodtyme Supermart" to be held in the Tustin Community Center.  Mary Ann reported on her attendance at the Arizona regional.  They sold 250 tables and only had 500 people in attendance.  That computes out to one seller and one buyer a table.  She also reported that they had a very poor traffic flow for their registration and check-in area.

The L.A. Regional for 2001 is scheduled for February 2nd and 3rd.

Terry Cunningham said that the nominating committee had no further nominations to report.  He reported that the amount deposited for the attendance at our April meeting was the largest deposit in more than a year.  He also mentioned that David Weisbart is putting on his Time Trials show at the next meeting of chapter 75.  Put this on your calendar as a must see.

We hope to see even more of you there in the coming months.  Your suggestions for improving our meetings would be appreciated.

Meeting adjourned after motion by Larry Squires.

Minutes submitted by Roy C. Irick, Secretary

South County Sub-Chapter Minutes

The South County sub-chapter  meeting was held on Sunday, April  9, 2000 at 2 P.M. at the ParaTech Coating building in Aliso Viejo.  

Minutes of the February 13 meeting as well as the financial report were approved as circulated.

Show and Tell consists of whatever members choose to bring.  Mike Taylor (new NAWCC member) brought a Waterbury carriage clock without its handle.  He had acquired it as a "basket case"  and was in the process of restoring it.  It still needs a handle and a minute hand.  Jeffrey Stewart showed a Pistola pocket watch which was not working.  The case was of some silverized metal with a railroad engine embossed on the back of the case.  The dial was of porcelain with a large second bit and filigreed hands.  Jimmy Takai (new NAWCC member) brought three car clocks: a Wittnauer marked "H.L. Barth" from a 1920’s Packard; and two Walthams, both in need of repair.  Mary Ann Wahlner showed a clock in a key purchased at the Arizona Regional.

A Video of the "National Watch & Clock Museum" was shown.

Discussions regarding the possible repair solutions for Jimmy Takai’s car clocks  followed along with suggestions for locating clock and watch information.  We again checked out Jeffrey Stewart’s Dent Regulator which is still not hung.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 P.M..

The next meeting will be held on May 21 (third Sunday due to Mother’s Day) at ParaTech at 2 P.M..  Any NAWCC member is welcome.  For information call 949-859-7784. ParaTech may be reached from El Toro Road by going south on Moulton Parkway; right on Glenwood Dr; left on Argonaut to #35.

Minutes submitted by Mary Ann Wahlner

These were the minutes as published in Chapter 69's official newsletter, the Tic Talk Times.

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